Health Tips

Here are some tips from a fellow aromatherapist/animal healer Sandy Rakovitz:

In wintertime she washes the paws off after being outside, especially when places are salted. It is an irritant to their paws.

Sandy also suggested for those who want to understand and relate to dogs better, read author Turid Rugaas' book on dogs body language.

Sandy uses essential oils by placing a drop in her hand and wiping on the paws and then petting the coat for full effect. Animals require far less than we do, so start with just a drop.

~Putting a little lemon on the pads of your dog's or cat's paws will greatly soften their nails to make them easier to trim.

~Sandy started 7 years ago alternating Lavender and Melrose (one day lavender, one day melrose etc...) between her dog's and cat's shoulder blades (the same way they recommend on the boxes of those horrible flea and tick medicines) a few days before flea and tick season started and then every few weeks. Over the years she discovered that the blend Purification worked better and she applies it every 3 weeks or so. Where she lives the animals would come back from outside with hundreds of ticks every day before she began using the oils.

Note: I've used the same and so has Dr. Gerald Buchoff DVM, past president of the American Holistic Veterinary Association and found that the animals and people were still having problems. My husband came up with the following blend to spray on the coats before going outside and it works beautifully. You will need: YL Purification - 10 drops YL Lavender - 5 drops YL Peppermint - 5 drops Cobalt Blue Glass 4 ounce spray bottle (available at several online stores, try Distilled water Mix the water and the oils into the bottle and spray on the animals coat. We also spray ourselves and carry a 2 ounce bottle with off. My husband's label on the bottles reads "Buzz Off"!

~Using oils such as Valor, White Angelica, Peace and Calming and Lavender on the tips of your pet's ears for both emotional and physical shock, helps them get through the shock.

~Supplements Sandy gives her animals are MultiGreen (especially for her 17 year old dog) and Detoxzyme. She also uses Di-Gize on the belly or on the pads of the paws for worming.
For older pets' incontinence, she uses cypress (this also works wonderful for humans!!!) on their lower bellies and on the insides of their thighs.
~For animals with cancer... even in later stages just to help them live a better life she has used Di-Tone for nausea and upset system. Frankincense, Idaho Balsam Fir, Wintergreen, Peppermint & Lavender done kind of like a Raindrop session or just a simple vita-flex motion along their spine.
~For Lymphoma she has used Frakincense, Lavender, and Di-Tone.
~For hip displasia; Valor, Sulfurzyme and BLM (nutritional supplements by Young Living) have given her wonderful results.

Caring and conscious people love treating all of life with respect and kindness. Years ago when I discovered the food I was feeding my beloved four legged friends was literally killing them, I switched to brands that could only be found in a few places that sold cat and dog food that had no meat by products but were fresh and filled with top grade food. I also began cooking for them and adding flax seed oil, raw veggies for those who would eat them, COQ10 and Vitamin C in small doses. Better coats and stronger immune systems seem to occur. Some pet owners, like Mike who owns Mike's Feed Farm, sell these products because they use them for those animals they love and have seen the results.

Because Young Living is so unique in it's approach and so easy for anyone to learn to use, we have happily joined the bandwagon and use the purchases as a fundraiser. We do not normally believe in advertorials, however when we find that something is so beneficial for both humans and animals, we believe it is important to share this with you.

With much love and wishes for the healthiest

Another Oiler wrote:

Horses and YLEO's
1. Valor, 10 drops wiped on ears, chest and shoulders. A favorite blends for balancing energy, relaxing the back and spine and for grounding.
2. Peace & Calming, 10 drops wiped on ears, poll, chest & shoulders. a blend that was developed to calm hyper active kids.
3. RutaVala, 10 drops also wiped on ears, poll, shoulders and chest. This blend is unparalleled for calming the central nervous system.

A friend reports:
My horses were exceptionally quiet and easy to work with to do their dental work this year. In the past I have not had the RutaVala blend as this is new. While Valor and Peace & Calming have worked well in the past, RutaVala completely took any edge off and helped them to stand ever so quietly and patiently for Dr. Rucker. I was thrilled!
These tips also work well for dogs and cat vet visits and any situation where a calming influence is needed. The amounts of essential oils will decrease with smaller sized animals.

Another Oiler wrote:

I volunteer at an animal shelter and they used Melrose in oil base for ringworm there. Some cleared up in days, some in weeks. One tougher case over a month. That is compared to over 1 year with what they were doing before, which was why I suggested the oils. I couldn't stand to see them isolated from kitten hood to adult. Of course, I would only use my YL oils. One shelter worker seemed to think they even liked the smell and affected their mood. T. B.

If you are interested in any of these products or in learning how to use your own you can go to or email me for a medical intuitive appointment. Happily, being psychic I don't need to meet the person or animal needing help.